Anyone uploading an image to Architizer must have complete legal rights to do so, and photographer credits are highly encouraged.

OnlyBrand and Firm Administratorshave the ability to add aPhotographer Creditto their images and photos.

  1. Open an image by clicking the thumbnail

  2. Click thePencilicon in the bottom left corner

  3. Enter the name of the photographer. If the name does not appear in the list of suggestions, create a new photographer.

  4. PressUpdateto save the changes.

You can assign the same photographer credit to all the images in a project.

  1. Navigate to the project page

  2. Hover over a single image and click thewhite squarein the top right hand corner to perform a bulk action

  3. ClickSelect Allto highlight all the project images

  4. ClickAssign Image Creditsand enter the name of the photographer

  5. PressUpdateto save the changes

Go back to the Project andrefreshthe page. The photographer's name should appear on the lefthand side of the page beside "PHOTOS".

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