“Behind a Good Project Stands a Great Client”: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos on the Creation of Stunning Spanish Residences

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos understands how to specify and apply stucco to stunning, contemporary effect.

Paul Keskeys.Paul Keskeys.

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“We like to think of each project as if it were the first, last, and only. But maybe our most important project is our architectural studio in itself and the people that surround it.”

Fran Silvestre, founder of Spanish firmFran Silvestre Arquitectos,将他的练习视为持续的工作进展。他的公司位于瓦伦西亚东部,在塑造集体建筑精神方面从未完成,总是希望优化和完善其工艺,并为客户提供货物。同时,这种做法是单色材料的创新研讨会:每个项目都可以被视为如何指定和应用灰泥以令人惊叹,当代效应的示例。

While Silvestre has developed his own incredibly distinctive brand of modernism over the past decade, the architect emphasizes the importance of artistic inspiration from a host of cultural figures from across southern Europe:“Mediterranean architectural tradition influences noticeably our work. Many things influence us, from Andreu Alfaro’s sculptures to the architecture of Álvaro Siza as well as others which are much more difficult to decipher. We like to think that creativity merges both imagination and remembrance.”

House on the Castle Mountainside, Ayora, Spain

Siza’s influence is particularly strong in some of the firm’s recent projects, particularlyHouse on the Castle Mountainside在西班牙阿伊奥拉,这渠道Álvaro的精神是Álvaro的许多住宅作品。清脆,干净的线条给SILVESTRE的住所外表面 - 在灰泥中完美地呈现 - 折叠纸的外观,好像一个建筑Maquette被吹到全尺寸并且整齐地插入岩石景观。

另一个非凡的西尔维斯特的插图penchant for purity of form and finish can be found on the rugged coastline of Alicante, where the bold form of “House on Cliffside” cuts into the terrain. Evoking Alvaro Siza’s dramatically litFez Housein Oporto, Silvestre’s design elucidates each architectural element, dramatizing each in the process: cantilever, staircase, picture window, and pool. Each amounts to a moment of architectural theater on a domestic scale.

House on Cliffside,阿利坎特,西班牙

Silvestre is a staunch advocate for harnessing three dimensions as an integral part of the design process. “Models are always the starting point of our projects,” he says, reflecting on his firm’s own in-house creations. “We usually approach each project from three different perspectives, which are materialized in several models. Based on them, we talk in the studio, and, after making a reviewed synthesis, we settle on the project that will be developed.”

SILVESTRE在2014年在西班牙Bétera完成的项目中达到了现代主义理想的无端探索,这肯定会成为该公司的一个精彩时刻。Casa Balint, a private residence within a golf course near the city of Valencia, comprises a pristine elliptical volume that pares form and function down to a pure physical entity that is unassuming and dramatic in equal measure.

Applied in this manner, stucco becomes the ultimate anti-material. The architecture punctuates the landscape as a gleaming, monolithic mass, against which the bold textures of the surrounding environment are thrown into focus.

Casa Balint, Bétera, Spain

Together with its crescent-shaped swimming pool, the snow-white walls of Casa Balint echo the cultural icons of Calatrava and Niemeyer, yet the building remains modest in scale and provides just what its inhabitant needs without grandstanding. Indeed, the client for each of Silvestre’s projects plays a key role in bringing these contemporary gems to reality:

“客户是基本的,在一个好的项目之后通常是一个伟大的客户。我们生成了一个对话的过程,其中将与每个项目一起生活的人是占位和主角,“建筑师解释道。“这一过程高度丰富了我们的工作,并给予了客户在其中的身份和深度。Alfaro Hoffman也来自第一个谈话,因为他负责设计内部。“

Atrium House, Valencia, Spain


While Silvestre is an advocate for living in the moment, it seems likely that the buildings currently being produced by his firm will remain alive within modern architectural discourse for a very long time to come. Meanwhile, iF一名建筑师令人信服的灰泥不仅仅是一个廉价,功利主义的材料,这家公司的工作提供了无与伦比的证据。

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