Viewpoint Vaulalia // Bergersen Arkitekter AS

Bjørheimsbygd, Norway

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Text description provided by the architects.

Situated in the hillside of a small village on the west coast of Norway, Viewpoint Vaulalia is a tiny retreat and gathering place overlooking the picturesque scenery of the nearby landscape. The clients, who run a Christmas tree farm on the grounds, wanted a small building for having their industry meetings and presentations and at other times act as a more personal place for prayers and contemplation.

An expressive wooden structure is placed on a concrete slab that is carefully poised and partially cantilevered on the top of a small ridge in the mountainside, with panoramic views to three sides.

With a pointy roof that tilts in two directions the building makes an expressive form that echoes the shape of the mountains surrounding the building in a graphical and stylized way. Large sliding glass panels that can be opened to one side lets the building take the view and fresh air all the way into the interior, which houses an integrated bench, a daybed and a fireplace.

In front of the building there is a triangular depression in the concrete slab with a specially adapted accoya wooden bench and a fireplace/barbecue in the middle.

The feature is inspired by the traditional African boma, an enclosed structure for gatherings with natural protection against the outside. The lowered position of this area makes it possible to enjoy the undisturbed view of the landscape from inside the building even when the boma is occupied.

The client is also a glass artist and she wanted to incorporate some of her art in the new building.

Three colored glass panels depicting the gospel of Christ were created through the ancient technique of glass fusing, contributing to an additional narrative to the place..

Viewpoint Vaulalia Gallery