WorlesCraft:Bjarke Ingels Group如何为生活带来渲染

BIG continuously explores different ways to present their designs. Discover how the office uses architectural renderings to build new ideas.

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Renderings are one of the most common ways architecture is distributed and consumed. Communicating ideas through a constructed image, renderings are central to client presentations, press releases, competitions, and public engagement. As far as representations of designs go, this type of imagery tends to be more accessible and widely understood; it has become more realistic as technology has advanced. Now more than ever, architects, designers, and digital artists can make renderings in less time, testing design concepts and creating dramatic visions of the future.

ForBjarke Ingels Group, renderings are combined with videos and diagrams as a way of world-building, or “worldcraft” as they call it. In the words of Bjarke Ingels, if “a documentary is to document our world as it already is, then fiction is to fantasize about how it could be. In that sense, architecture is the fiction of the real world… turning dreams into reality with bricks and mortar” (Future of StoryTelling)。虽然客户和公众越来越多地期待更多的照片拟真的图像和演示,但大量持续探索了以简单的方式呈现建筑思想的不同方式。以下项目是设计和建造的,并由必发365最新登陆网址一组合作伙伴和艺术家呈现。他们一起讲述了自己的故事,如何通过现在的演示技术来沟通渲染讲话和未来的新愿景。

大建筑翻译建立新的想法积木房子,Billund, Denmark

在2017年开业时,乐高房子与渲染非常紧密地对齐。作为一个村庄进行游戏和学习,团队通过乐高哲学核心元素的镜头创造了乐高房子的空间和活动 - 通过系统创造力来发明游戏的未来。作为一个概念,乐高房子被认为是一个三维互锁和重叠建筑和空间的村庄。随着团队的说明,该设计促进了一种基于一个建筑物到下一个建筑物的策划流的体验 - 一个连续运动。然而,在同一时间和在同一空间中,它还具有“完全自主的平行世界”,每个区域都设计并独立使用。

大建筑翻译建立新的想法Muséeatelier耳轮仔猪,Le Chenit, Switzerland

由Big-Bjarke Gigels Group设计的MuséeTeelier耳轮仔猪统一了Audemars Piguet的创始人建立的原始研讨会,其中包含了一个由两种螺旋组成的全新玻璃结构,无缝地融入现有的景观。螺旋形画廊让人联想到钟表的弹簧,完全由弯曲的玻璃壁支撑。The new structure flanks the original workshop where the Audemars Piguet story began in 1875, which also housed a museum from 1992 to 2019. The museum’s collection will showcase up to 300 timepieces at any one time and is displayed alongside two in-situ workshops to create a living museum. With its forward-thinking design that marries tradition and innovation, the Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the brand’s history and watchmaking in the Vallée de Joux.

大建筑翻译建立新的想法Faroe Island Education Center,Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

虽然该网站的天气可能会有所不同,但GlasirTórshavn学院的结构形式非常接近其渲染。位于Faroe Islands的起伏峡湾,享有首都Tórshavn和海洋,Glasir将Faroe Islands Gymnasium,Tórshavn技术学院和法罗群岛商务学院结合在一起。该项目专为超过1,750名学生,教师和员工而设计,包括一堆五个个人水平,围绕一个中央庭院包裹:一个为三个机构中的每一个,一个用于食品和教师,一个用于体育和聚会。该建筑物与涡旋一样,每个级别开放,顶层散发30米/ 100英尺朝着山区景观。


伊森伯格学校项目并不总是在铜中包装,而是作为设计先进,团队的渲染描写了建造项目的更近的版本。Massachusetts Amherst of Massachusetts大学的商业创新枢纽在美国的前30位公共商学院中增加了70,000英尺的超级协作学习和社会空间。伊森伯格管理学院的新扩展和部分改造几乎加倍学校目前的空间,以满足过去十年的增长,同时引入了150多名工作人员和5000名学生,硕士和博士学位的新设施。程式。建筑物外观以直的垂直柱包裹,逐渐向下倾斜。

大建筑翻译建立新的想法CopenHill,København, Denmark

While a few things have changed, like the iconic smoke rings and the project’s name, many of the initial renderings remain faithful to the finished CopenHill building. Located in an industrial area, the waste-to-energy plan has turned into an extreme sport destination for thrill-seekers. BIG proposed expanding the existing activities in the region by turning the new Amager Resource Center roof into a ski slope for the citizens of Copenhagen. The new plant establishes Amager Resource Center as a project that redefines the relationship between the waste plant and the city. Instead of considering the new Amagerforbraending as an isolated architectural object, the façade is conceived as an opportunity for the local context while forming it into a destination in itself and a reflection on the progressive vision of the company with a climbing wall.

大建筑翻译建立新的想法Twist / Kistefos Gallery,Viken, Norway

Bearing a striking resemblance to its rendering, the Kistefos Gallery addresses three distinct landscapes. There is a natural landscape of rivers, waterfalls, islands, canyons, and forests and an industrial landscape of mills, factories, warehouses, power plants, dams, and bridges. Finally, the new landscape of sculptures and art objects. As the team notes, the museum binds these three levels together with a simple sculptural building that responds to and challenges the landscape. The new museum building is a sculpture, a path in the landscape, and a bridge – all in one. The building geometry creates a series of unique galleries and experiences: a broad, daylit gallery to the North; a tall, dark gallery with artificial lighting to the South; and in between, a sculptural space with a twisted sliver of roof light.

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Images Courtesy Bjarke Ingels Group