感到挤压: 7 Slender Japanese Homes

Despite their narrow and in some cases tiny building footprints, these homes feature interior spaces that achieve shocking levels of expansiveness and openness.

Jennifer GeleffJennifer Geleff

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Tasked with reimagining built environments distorted by overcrowding, skyrocketing prices and physical degradation, architects have become exponentially more interested in small-scale living. Last year we shared感到挤压,一个磨合在东京最具创新性的瘦房屋的集合。尽管他们狭隘,但在某些情况下,这些房屋的内部空间都具有令人震惊的膨胀性和开放性的内部空间。令人兴奋的雄心勃勃的挑战,勇敢的从业者不断承担类似的项目。必发365最新登陆网址

The following seven projects build on the previous collection, exhibiting residential environments linked by comparable levels of grit and enthusiasm. The successful execution of these buildings is rooted in flexibility — blurring the boundary of interior and exterior, creating multi-functional spaces and ultimately creating the illusion of increased area. Resulting in the functional neutralization of space, by liberating rooms from a single restrictive program, residents are allowed to define new circulation routes and approaches to carrying out daily tasks. By doing so, they stretch the possibilities of their homes, despite being confined by their limited dimensions.


House in TamatsubyIDO,肯基建筑工作室, Osaka, Japan

Designed for a family of four, House in Tamatsu is located on a small plot of only 465 square feet. Previously two stories and composed of wood, the client’s former home failed to receive adequate natural light. With this new home, the client requested that the living area, dining area and kitchen be as large as possible, without pillars or walls. The skylight was set up to allow natural light to drop into the home while the inclined walls allow light to reflect upwards, resulting in a unique physical experience from the inside.

哦,家byAtelier TEKUTO, 日本

Located on a plot that is unusually dropped five feet below road-level, OH House balances a challenging set of goals and priorities: a necessary parking space, light-filled privacy and maximum usage of limited space. In order to free the interior of clutter, the furniture has no legs and the dining table is delicately suspended from the ceiling. Additionally, by using web-like steel to encase the parking space, the home’s underground bedroom gains both natural light and privacy. Using simple forms and shapes, Atelier TEKUTO creates shockingly beautiful living environments under constrained circumstances.

House in Minami-TanabebyFujiwaramuro建筑师, Osaka, Japan

The existing row house on this narrow site measured just 12 feet wide and 55 feet deep. Using split-level floors, the new design adapts to the distinctive site by providing various circulation routes and visual outlets. While the site is poorly situated for gazing outside, the architects approached the interior as a dynamic landscape of its own. Driven to achieve a feeling of expansiveness, the motivating idea was to design a place in which to ponder time rather than just spend it.

科比的小房子byFujiwaramuro建筑师, Kobe, Japan


ImaibyKatsutoshi Sasaki + Associates,冈萨基,日本

Built on a narrow strip of land that measures 10 feet wide and 69 feet long, the architects adopted a way of constructing a house that reinterpreted scale, light and function. The height of each room was adjusted according to the number of users, bringing greater light into spaces where more people gather. The project also encourages an unrestricted approach to the use rooms. By neutralizing areas and rendering them multi-functional and equally appropriate for working, dining and relaxing, floor area is greatly conserved.

山屋byHiroki + Tomoko Sekiguchi建筑师,日本兵库县


Long Window HousebyAnother Apartment, Tokyo, Japan



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