In Ruins: 6 Projects That Breathe New Life Into Dilapidated Buildings

Ruins have the potential to become a historic frame for a contemporary space.

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Ruins have become an object of fascination and romanticization. They are picturesque memorials to the past — physical reminders of what once was and the inescapable powers of time and decay. But every ruin has the potential to shelter once again, to become a historic frame for a contemporary space. These six projects have breathed new life into derelict shells. Positioned at the intersection of old and new, the buildings speak to the durability of masonry, its ability to be reused and repurposed. Even in ruins, their foundations prove robust enough to support a whole new structure for new generations of users.

THE WHITE HOUSEbyWT Architects, Isle of Coll, United Kingdom

The clients inherited the lime-built walls of this 18th-century house and were perswt aruaded to incorporate their new home with the walls of the ruins, instead of restoring the old or building new. The original walls were stabilized and consolidated, while still maintaining their characteristic cracks. New stone walls extrapolated on existing boundary walls, reusing materials found on site. Half of the walls of the old house remain as uncovered ruins, only now serving a dual purpose: a tribute to the original ‘ruined’ character of the site and an enclosure for a new courtyard garden.

DoveCote StudiobyHaworth Tompkins,斯内普,英国

After minor repairs, the crumbling walls of a Victorian industrial building were reused as a literal frame to hold a new Cor-Ten steel structure used as a flexible space suitable for artist-residencies, rehearsals, performances and meetings. With its plywood interior, the Cor-Ten steel form maintains the shape of the original building before it was reduced to the remnants seen today. The Cor-Ten steel was welded as a single piece next to the original building, then craned into place, fitting snugly into its ruin-shell.

Casa Sabugo.byTagarro-De Miguel Arquitectos,Sabugo, Spain

与其他列出的项目不同,Casa Sabugo不会必发365最新登陆网址源于现有的,遇到的遗址,而是由建筑师创建的项目。这个现有的家庭农舍的东部墙壁被撕裂,带来了享有阿斯图里亚乡村的轻盈和清扫景色。新材料,即玻璃和钢,修补拆卸的粗糙疤痕以及保留墙的开口

NIOP HACIENDAbyAS Arquitectura,Champoton,墨西哥

The ruined walls of old livestock and textile buildings were transformed into a variety of hospitality functions, including a boutique hotel, ballroom, weekend residences, restaurant, private villas and event spaces. Delicate interventions sought not to overpower the existing masonry walls but rather highlight and celebrate the aging walls, allowing for the beautiful juxtaposition of new life within the old structure.


文化宫,最初由Victor Smigelschi设计的1930年,在1995年破坏性火灾后站在废墟中,于2012年作为罗马尼亚学院的多功能大厅才能恢复。只保留与原始建筑有关的废墟,并合并。天窗的引入庆祝建筑物的破坏状态预改造,允许在类似的自然光线中看到饱受的自然光线,当他们坐在废墟中,暴露在元素中。

KOLDINGHUSby Johannes + Inger Exner, Kolding, Denmark

这个13世纪丹麦castle was largely destroyed by a fire at the beginning of the 1800s and continued to fall into further disrepair until 1890 when restoration efforts began. In respect of its history, including its destruction, the ruins were to remain as untouched as possible. Choosing materials easily distinguishable from the castle ruins, floor-to-ceiling laminated wood pillars were constructed to support a new roof, mezzanine levels and suspended bridges that allow visitors to interact with the ruin from different heights and perspectives.

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Top image: The restoration of Matrera Castle; image © Leandro Cabello | Carquero Arquitectura. Read more on this A+Award-winning project这里.