The goal of this innovative architectural installation is to elevate awareness around cancer by creating an experience that everyone can share.


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该项目不是一个建筑物,而是一个安装,并且为了使它发生,我们不会向客户提出 - 我们将通过创建一个更大的社区来吸引更多的社区Kickstarter运动。

The premise of the installation is straightforward: Our goal is to elevate awareness around cancer by creating an experience that everyone can share, and we’ve designed a proposal for a multimedia installation that will take place in New York City this October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


The story behind给朋友的笔记: The Experience有点复杂,更为个人。我的朋友Yuri是2010年在2010年诊断出患有第3阶段乳腺癌的平面设计师,而我在GSD的第一个学期(哈佛大学设计学院)。经过一年的积极治疗,她被宣布无癌症。2015年,她的癌症袭击了她第五年的缓解,她的癌症以阶段的4阶段的乳腺癌恢复,并使她的肺,骨骼和大脑转移。没有治愈转移性癌症。这是她每天都住的东西。

“如今,没有一个人见面,谁没有以一种方式受到癌症的影响......但它仍然是我们文化中的禁忌主题。大多数人对“癌症”有目的地令人忍受:化疗,脱发,死亡。但介于两者之间的一切呢?“- Yuri Angela Chung

Just prior to her cancer’s recurrence, Yuri had begun to write a series of “notes” that were reflections on her experience with cancer. When the cancer returned, she felt a sense of urgency like never before to share her story and started to post these notes onInstagram。她叫这个项目给朋友的笔记,回应是压倒性的。什么开始作为一种应对自己的创伤的方式是帮助在更大的社区内创建联系,这些社区也受到癌症的影响,并支持那些正在通过自己的类似经历的人。


I was onboard, but I also knew that I wasn’t the person to convincingly pull off anything related to technology. This is when we approachedSpace Craft,一个由创意技术工作室组成杰森塔克and迈克逃亡that specializes in creating transformative experiences. I was lucky enough to have become friends with Jason and Mike while at the GSD and knew they would be amazing to collaborate with. Luckily they said yes, and they have brought an invaluable perspective at the intersection of the digital and physical realms, both having studied architecture prior to entering the Master of Design Technology program at school (Jason at Sci-Arc and Mike at Virginia Tech).



We were able to land on the key elements of the proposal early on: audio of the notes, letterpressing and projection mapping. Over the past year and a half, we would meet over weekly Hangouts (we’re all in different cities) and continued to iterate, prototype and refine the proposal, taking it as far as we could on our own.


Combining both digital and physical elements,给朋友的笔记: The Experience为生活带来了尤其是在尤里的笔记中的更深层次的主题。

Originally posted as short reflections on Yuri’s Instagram, the notes will be letterpressed as large format prints and mounted on the walls in the space. They will be blind-debossed, which means the words will be pressed into the paper without ink. While they will still be able to be read, the idea is that they are not “activated” until the audio of the actual note being read is heard in the space.


The notes themselves are read by actressemeth davidtz.,一个乳腺癌幸存者yuri与读完之后interviewEmbeth gave recounting her own experiences. Within the space, audio of Yuri’s notes being read by Embeth will play on loop. The audio of a note activates the digital projection mapping, which fills the words with light, a form of digital “ink.” Sounds become light, and light becomes the conductor of space, guiding people through the notes.


By situating the project within a vibrant neighborhood, we hope to connect with not only the person who has already heard about给朋友的笔记, but also the passerby who happens to chance upon it. We hope over the course of October to elevate awareness around cancer. Cancer is a lot of things, but one thing it is not is easy to talk about. By transforming one person’s incredibly intimate journey with cancer into an open experience, we hope to help continue normalizing conversations around what is an incredibly difficult but necessary subject to talk about.


服用后给朋友的笔记: The Experience据我们所以,我们意识到我们需要从更大的社区实现帮助来实现我们的愿景。创造一个Kickstarter运动的前景起初似乎令人生畏,直到我意识到这是建筑师一直在做什么。我们构建叙述并设计通信的最佳方式,可以将图纸从文本到图像中的任何内容。这里的差异是不是呈现或甲板,我们需要一个视频;而不是投入到明确界定的客户,我们对可能或可能不关心项目的观众呼吁。

创意总监Priscilla Jimenezstepped in to craft our video, which has been everything to our campaign. It has been without question the most effective way to tell our story to a broader audience. We officially launched ourcampaignon July 27, 2017, with a goal of raising $50,000 to cover the cost of this project. It has since been recognized by Kickstarter as aProject We Love,这是他们向项目支持的方式。作为Kickstarterfunding modelis all-or-nothing, I’m writing this in hopes of getting our story out to everyone who might feel connected to it in some way. We are currently 54 percent to our goal with 11 days to go.

给朋友的笔记: The Experiencehas been an incredible journey thus far, and, in a way, it has allowed me to step back and reflect on the extent to which we are affected by the media we are immersed in. We surf the internet, watch movies, listen to music on a daily basis — and they all have the power to move us and make us consider something in a way we hadn’t before. In a way, I feel like architects are the original UX designers and our medium is the physical space around us.


Be a part of this innovative architectural installation by donating to the Kickstarter campaign now. Stunning books, art prints, posters and more are on offer for backers!!