Inspiration, Informed: Related Products Now Feature in Image Search for Architects

Related Products places Member Brands where it matters most.

Architizer EditorsArchitizer Editors

Architizer is building the definitive platform for visual inspiration in the form ofImage Search for Architects. The new tool allows architects and designers to browse through a library of more than1 million project images, each sorted into categories of material, element or spatial concept.

Now, what if they spot something within one of those images and want to find a product or material to help them achieve a similar finish or detail? EnterRelated Products, a new feature withinImage Searchthat provides architects with products that fit hand in hand with their inspiration.

Related Products places Member Brands where it matters most — right in the feed of architects who are actively searching for design solutions to match their vision. It’s a non-invasive but incredibly powerful placement that provides constant visibility for manufacturers and their products.

Related Products are locatedjust below the primary imagewithin an image search result (illustrated above, forthis search). Clicking on one of the Related Product thumbnails takes architects to the product page of a Member Brand. Here, users have the option to:

  • Scroll through more imagesof the product in the context of built projects
  • Read an in-depth descriptionof the product or material shown
  • Request a sample, meeting, catalog, pricing/quote or lunch & learn from the manufacturer
  • Contact the manufacturerdirectly for more details
  • See more productsby clicking out to the manufacturer’s profile page

Related Products brings an additional layer of insight to image search that architects won’t find on Google. The feature is ideal for designers researching products and materials for a project, while retaining the visual-first format that makes Image Search for Architects so popular. This makes it one of the most compelling features yet for manufacturers looking to increase brand awareness and enhance their reputation among design professionals.

How do I get my products featured?

Placement within Related Products is available to Member Brands only. For members, we recommend uploading images that show your productsin the context of a project, as this will increase the chance of them appearing in Image Search.

Related Products is in beta mode, and we’re working to improve it all the time. If you have any feedback or suggestions about this or any other part of Image Search for Architects, we’d love to hear from you! Emailsupport@www.cjrzp.comand let us know your thoughts.

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