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28 Game-Changing Product Designers, as Chosen by Architects

Architizer’s global awards program is a barometer for innovation within the building-product industry.

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Final call for entries:Enter the 2019 A+Product Awards在3月29日星期五的最终进入截止日期之前。

A central pillar of Architizer’s A+Awards, theA +产品奖代表了当代buildi前沿ng-product design. This global awards program, the largest of its kind, is a barometer for innovation within the industry — and it carries a huge weight given the demographic that decides the winners.

There are two A+Product Awards up for grabs for each category — one voted for by Architizer’s community via a free online vote, and one selected by a jury of more than 200 active specifiers and design thinkers. Both of these groups include a large number of architects and designers — professionals who specify tens of millions of dollars each year in building products and materials. Just for starters, theA +产品奖jury我ncludes:

  • Annabelle Selldorf,校长,Selldorf Architects
  • David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group
  • Neri Oxman, Designer and Professor, MIT Media Lab
  • Joan Blumenfeld, Design Principal and Interior Design Director, Perkins+Will
  • 彼得拉努库克, Founder and Principal, GLUCK+
  • Cheryl Durst, Vice President and CEO, IIDA
  • 卡罗尔罗斯巴尼, Founder, Ross Barney Architects
  • 加里亨德尔, Founding Partner, Handel Architects

这些决策者有一个关键字,其中设计师升到顶部并抓住聚光灯。去年,28个品牌出来了胜利,拥有各种设计师,伪造商和合作者,以各种各样的类别抓住着名的荣誉。2019年A +产品奖旨在致力于下一股大型建筑 - 产品制造商,那些将与尖端创意带入2020年的建筑。必发娱乐官方网站今年,奖品甚至更大 - 包括在“世界上最好的建筑产品“, a digital publication that will be distributed to thousands of member architecture firms.

To put themselves in the running, brand representatives shouldfollow this link本周注册提交 - 最终入境截止日期是3月29日星期五的午夜。当我们建立在今年的高潮时,从2018年的A +产品奖课程中获取充分的灵感:

Chameleon Collection by Pure+Freeform and Marcel Wanders


Winning Product: Chameleon Collection
2018年A +奖奖评委会投票冠军建筑信封和包层

The Chameleon Collection, a collaboration between Pure+FreeForm and Marcel Wanders, features eight metal skins that impart optical pearl textures and iridescent effects. The collaboration’s goal was to present a new semiotic future in expressing identity and beauty in architectural metals. Changes in time, light source, angle of interaction, and panel type transform each skin, shaping ever-new perceptions of color, dimension, texture, scale, reflection and material synergy.

Alucoil’s Metallic Blue Compositie Panels at Form4 Architecture’s Innovation Curve


2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Building Envelopes and Cladding

Alucoil’s acumen was exhibited perfectly in Form4 Architecture’s Innovation Curve, a LEED Platinum campus on the edge of the Stanford Research Park, that uses the manufacturer’s unique colored metal to celebrate Silicon Valley. A mid-level blue metal horizontal ribbon shading element follows the shape of the classic R&D timeline; from creative spark, through trial and tribulation, to welcome success.

Vitrocsa Turnable Corner by Vitrocsa


Winning Product: Vitrocsa Turnable Corner
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Glazing Systems & Facades

多A +屡获殊荣的vitrocsa长期以来导致了最低型玻璃产品的方式,公司的可转动角系统可能是其最可爱的玻璃系统。这款美丽的滑动门已经开发出来,通过使用完全释放通道的玻璃部件的滚轮原理来优化空间。因为它们能够转弯,所以釉面面板可以隐藏起来,允许透露令人叹为观止的景色。

YKK AP America Curtain wall on Gates Hall by Morphosis, Ithaca, NY

YKK AP America Inc.

赢得产品:YHC 300 SSG盒式窗帘墙系统
2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Glazing Systems & Facades

YKK continues to push the boundaries of materials to provide architects with optimal curtain wall solutions. The YHC 300 SSG (Structural Silicone Glazed) Cassette is one of the industry’s strongest, most versatile curtain wall systems built to protect against blasts and strong environmental conditions. Its capabilities go beyond that of traditional curtain wall systems, with a four-sided SSG design providing architects with a modern, clean aesthetic and virtually no sightline from the building’s exterior.

Solar Canopy by Brooklyn Solar Canopy Company


Winning Product: Solar Canopy
2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Roofs

Brooklyn Solar Canopy is always looking for the next big idea in photovoltaic design, and last year the company’s ingenuity was rewarded with a coveted A+Award. The patent-pending and UL Listed Solar Canopy not only meets code requirements particular to flat roof urban properties, but the structure’s minimal design relays both elegance and strength. The new space created by the canopy inspires and encourages canopy owners to utilize their roof as a new amenity.

The Verdanta Collection by Sagegreenlife


Winning Product: The Verdanta Collection
2018年A +奖评委会屋顶投票冠军


Portapivot 6530 by Portapivot


Winning Product: Portapivot 6530
2018 A+Awards Popular and Jury Vote Winner for Windows & Doors

Portapivot makes arguably the most attractive pivoting doors on the market, as evidenced by the company’s double A+Award in 2018. Portapivot offers its pivoting room dividers in a made-to-measure kit, designed for interior professionals and craftsmen. Its minimal, anodized aluminum pivot door is equipped with invisible “Stealth Pivot” pivoting hinges, designed to be mounted on top of a finished floor & solid or reinforced ceiling surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures.


Functional Partition Wall by Henrybuilt


Winning Product: Functional Partition Wall
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Cabinetry




2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Cabinetry

湿式风格将于2018年A +奖,为现代化浴室的C2,储存和配件系列,通过强大,极简主义线和黑色不锈钢结构频道。在其设计中时尚和周到,该系列在永恒的美学上提出了一种新鲜的扭曲,提供了一个梳妆台,可选的储物抽屉和协调装饰镜子和毛巾架。

ARCHI FOLDS by Studio Samira Boon

Studio Samira Boon

Winning Product: ARCHI FOLDS
2018 A+Awards Popular and Jury Vote Winner for Fabric & Textiles

Studio Samira Boon is a textile architecture studio based in Amsterdam and Tokyo with a strong focus on creating dynamic environments. The studio’s double-A+Award-winning ARCHI FOLDS introduce Japanese origami techniques in architecture as a solution for flexible spatial usage. They enable spaces to stay functional for longer and fulfill their potential when owners and requirements change.

Justime Lucky 7 Two-way Shower Set by Shengtai Brassware Co.


Winning Product: Justime Lucky 7 Two-way Shower Set
2018年A +奖项流行的夹具和配件的投票冠军

Shengtai Brassware has a history of creating effortlessly elegant fixtures for the bathroom. The original Lucky 7 basin faucet’s spout takes the shape of a growing stalk and resembles the form of the number 7. The two-way shower set, an extension of this collection, continues the Lucky 7 design concept. With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, the organic hand shower and sleek rain shower is designed to enhance the user’s daily life.

Modulo Stone Easy Drain by Easy Drain Solutions

Easy Sanitary Solutions

Winning Product: Modulo Stone Easy Drain
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Fixtures & Fittings

True to its name, Dutch brand Easy Sanitary Solutions aims to provide simple, practical and advantageous for installation specialists and end-users. One such example is the Modulo Stone Easy Drain, a unique frameless shower drain with tileable grate that is developed for natural stone floors of any thickness. The frameless design makes it completely invisible and fits harmoniously into any bathroom floor.



Winning Product: Dekton Industrial Collection
2018 +奖选票赢家室内垫erials & Surfaces

Renowned Spanish manufacturer Cosentino is a specialist in the production ultracompact materials, and one of its most popular lines — Dekton — helped it to global recognition in the 2018 A+Awards. The Dekton Industrial collection was crafted with four colors that capture the essence of beautifully aging minerals, including mottled concrete and metal.

Paper Terrazzo Laminate by Formica Group

Formica Group

Winning Product: Paper Terrazzo Laminate
2018年A +奖评委会陪审团为室内材料和表面投票冠军

With future generations in mind, the Formica Group design team identified a movement to repurpose materials and reuse them in new ways by asking the printers to utilize remnants from manufacturing. The leftover scraps of solid color paper were once reprocessed into pulp to be used in creating another solid. Now, the remnants are celebrated, chopped up into tiny fragments and directly placed on top of a solid to create a terrazzo-look laminate.

Voronoi Tile by TURF Design

TURF Design

2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Wall Coverings & Ceilings

TURF Design’s sustainable design principles are showcased through the Voronoi Tile, a compression molded acoustical ceiling tile made from 99% recycled PET plastic felt. The single tile system can be installed in any sequence for unlimited customization. Attached with magnetic clips, each tile snaps onto the surface of an magnetic t-grid ceiling, obscuring that unsightly thing in the process. According to TURF, “the acoustical quality is through the roof. Pun intended.”

Lichen by Mohawk Group

Mohawk Group

2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Carpeting

Mohawk Group pioneers new, sustainable carpeting designs for modern architectural spaces. The company’s A+Award-winning Lichen Collection is a modular plank carpet system resulting from innovations that merge leading concepts in biophilic design and sustainability. The first flooring product to achieve the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, the product actually gives more resources back to the environment than it uses during its entire life cycle.

Martyn Thompson collection for Perennials Rugs


Winning Product: Martyn Thompson collection for Perennials Rugs
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Carpeting

Perennials’ 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers allow for the best color stability and performance properties in the performance textiles industry. Martyn Thompson’s collection of luxury Tibetan Knot rugs includes four vivid designs that emphasize the artist’s impressionist influences while maintaining all of the benefits of using Perennials’ high-quality solution-dyed acrylic yarns.

Subtractive Layers by Patcraft


2018年A +奖项流行和陪审团投票的地板赢家



LG Styler by LG Electronics

LG Electronics

Winning Product: LG Styler
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Appliances and Accessories

In a crowded market, LG has a knack for creating unusual electronic appliances to catch the eye of interior designers. A one-of-a-kind clothing care system, the A+Award-winning LG Styler refreshes clothes, bedding, pillows and more in minutes with the power of pure steam. LG Styler’s deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers reduce wrinkles in clothes and eliminate odors left behind by smoke.

牡丹哑光石船水槽套装与尼卡船只龙头由Vigo Industries

VIGO Industries

Winning Product: Peony Matte Stone Vessel Sink Set with Niko Vessel Faucet
2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Appliances and Accessories

When VIGO designs a new product, form is as vital as function. “If a product does not look as appealing in its lines as in its purpose, then it is not worthy of your home or of our name,” states the company. True to form, the Matte Stone™ sink set is an ultra-durable acrylic composite designed to look and feel like carved, polished stone — molded as a seamless piece.

Nora by Davis Furniture


Winning Product: Nora
2018年A +奖评级陪审团商业家具的投票冠军

戴维斯家具是合同家具行业的领导者,以其精致的设计而闻名,融合了具有良好功能的现代美学。A +屡获殊荣的诺拉是一种当代系列,将合同与住宅设计之间的线路展示。这款休息室,台式和桌子系列将拥有商业耐用性和多功能性的家居融合,而其简约的设计允许一系列材料组合。

Tanya by Visionnaire


Winning Product: The Tanya chair
2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Commercial Furniture

Italian furniture designer Visionnaire crafts increasingly ergonomic forms through new material innovations. Smart, sleek, and decidedly contemporary, the technically complex Tanya chair — manufactured using injection molding — appears, at first blush, to share a distant ancestor with Italy’s high-end automotive upholstery. Designed by architect Roberto Lazzeroni for Visionnaire, the Tanya features a free-standing, saucer-like seat sheathed in fabric or leather, echoing a seamlessly leathered back.

最佳产品设计建筑A +奖项

Pong in the Park by the Urban Conga

The Urban Conga

2018年A +奖项热门和陪审团投票冠军户外家具

城市康加也许是该系列中最具充满活力的公司,这是由其最新A +奖获胜者Pong所证明的公园,这是一个有弹性但醒目的公共乒乓球桌。其独特的设计使其看起来好像它从地面出现。全尺寸的粉末涂层钢桌可以在颜色和品牌中定制,为公共空间添加大胆的焦点,也可以形成磁铁以进行社会参与。

Cove kitchen by Boffi / Zaha Hadid Design

Boffi./ Zaha Hadid Design

Winning Product: Cove Kitchen
2018 A+Awards Popular and Jury Vote Winner for Residential Furniture

Zaha Hadid Design继续拥有已故创始人的遗产,以达到酷炫的设计合作和A +奖励产品。Cove Kitchen于与意大利制造商Boffi合作,与功能性,精心挑选的材料和传统工艺结婚。声明块拥有扎哈哈达德建筑师的特征曲线,具有卓越的弹性靴子。


best product designs architecture a+awards

Acoustic Lighting by Luxxbox


Winning Product: Acoustic Lighting
2018 A+Awards Popular and Jury Vote Winner for Architectural Lighting


best product designs architecture a+awards

Arrangements by FLOS


Winning Product: Arrangements
2018 A+Awards Jury Vote Winner for Decorative Lighting

FLOS is renowned among architects for creating light fixtures that work as artworks in their own right — a fact illuminated by the A+Award-winning Arrangements. Inspired by the parallel between lighting & jewelry, this modular collection allows for customization by combining different geometric light elements. Each unit attaches to another as if resting, balancing perfectly as a part of a glowing chain.

best product designs architecture a+awards

Algorithm by Vibia


Winning Product: Algorithm
2018 A+Awards Popular Vote Winner for Decorative Lighting

vibia.’s glowing creations are breathtaking, none more so than Algorithm. Created by designer Toan Nguyen, the A+Award winning lighting collection inspires an architect’s creativity in order to achieve the desired project configuration in any space. Like a constellation or raindrops falling from the clouds, Alogrithm magically brings together geometry and beauty within a single lighting system.

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