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A +产品奖

Great buildings rely upon both cutting-edge technology and materials that stand up to the test of time, so the A+Product Awards celebrate both. Here we present the categories that speak to the design solutions that matter most to architects, including their most trusted products and the newest industry innovations. These are the materials bringing today’s buildings to life. Products can be entered into multiple categories, but must be available to market by January 1, 2020 to qualify.



  • 建筑设备和系统new- 与建筑物内部工作有关的产品,包括但不限于HVAC系统,电梯,自动扶梯,管道,光伏和M&E系统。
  • 智能建筑和技术- 具有综合技术元素的产品,包括智能设备。条目可包括智能家居系统,照明和传感器,AV设备,家庭安全,能源系统和建筑信封技术。
  • 可持续设计产品new- 在其领域最可持续的产品。这包括但不限于最小化或积极有助于减少碳排放,高度节能产品,促进被动加热和冷却的产品的产品,具有可持续的“摇篮到坟墓”的生命周期和利用当地采购材料的产品的产品。

Design Tools

  • 软件和数字工具- 数字工具,旨在帮助建筑师的工作流程,包括桌面和移动应用程序。软件可以包括BIM和CAD应用程序,呈现包,移动应用程序和项目管理工具。
  • Hardwarenew– Hardware can include laptop and desktop workstations, 3D printers, drones, VR/AR equipment, drones, robotics and more.


  • 声学– All types of architectural acoustic panels and sound insulating products, including freestanding partitions, baffles, panels integrated into walls and ceilings, furniture with sound-absorbing properties, and decorative art-based panels.
  • 地毯- 模块化地毯瓷砖和木板,Broadloom,区域地毯和混合手动编织产品都是可接受的。
  • 天花板– Includes whole ceiling systems, ceiling tiles and clouds for either residential or commercial settings.
  • 陶瓷new- 所有饰面包括陶瓷,包括小型和大型格式瓷砖和板坯。用于地板,墙壁,外墙和屋顶使用的内部和外部产品有资格。
  • Fabric & Textiles- 室内装潢和窗帘纺织品,窗帘面料,户外和遮阳篷纺织品,拉伸结构纺织品和房间/太空纺织品(如悬挂式毡板和屏幕)。
  • 地板– Wood or engineered wood, LVT, resilient, terrazzo, regular and large-format tile with appropriate slip resistance for flooring applications, floor pavers, quartz composite, natural or engineered stone, metal.
  • Hard Surfacing- 所有使用硬质材料的饰面,包括固体表面产品,陶瓷,石材,金属,木材和塑料。
  • 墙壁覆盖物- 墙壁覆盖物可包括壁纸,面板和面板系统,涂料,涂料和声学覆盖物。


  • Glass & Glazing-All architectural, low-e, birdsafe and switchable/dynamic glass, as well as framing systems, supports and fittings for curtain walls, structural glazing, storefronts and interior walls.
  • Building Envelopes & Cladding– Structural and non-structural exterior wall products, cladding and rainscreen panels made from any material, including but not limited to metal, wood, stone, masonry, concrete, terracotta, fiber cement and plastics.
  • 屋顶– All manner of roofing materials including tiles, shingles, solar and waterproofing systems.


  • Accessories- 将功能性和装饰细节提供给建筑环境的产品。包括浴缸和桌面配件,枕头和床单,桌子和床单,干料和餐具,墙壁艺术,框架等装饰物品等软件。
  • 合同家具和系统- 商业级家具,用于企业,酒店和公共设施,包括桌子,工作场所/办公系统,信息亭,讲台,案例,标牌,移动式推车,货架等存储。
  • 合同座位——商业级座位用于企业,hospitality and public settings, including chairs, sofas, stools, workplace/office chairs and benches for both interior and exterior uses.
  • 户外家具- 商业地点从长凳和arbors到游乐场结构的家具,以及户外使用的住宅或合同家具,如躺椅,遮阳伞,餐桌,小屋,户外厨房和火坑。
  • Residential Furniture– Non-commercial grade furniture suited to residential settings, including tables, case goods, beds, dining pieces, storage, sofas, lounge and club chairs, dining chairs, benches and stools.
  • 住宅座位– Non-commercial grade seating suited to residential settings, including dining chairs, sofas, lounge and club chairs, benches and stools.


  • 电器– Appliances including major household appliances such as refrigerators and ovens as well as small countertop appliances like coffee makers and water filters.
  • Fixtures & Fittings- 夹具和配件,如水龙头和水龙头,浴缸喷口,水龙头和浴缸填充物和控制;卫生洁具包括厕所,小便池,水槽和浴缸;内置元件,如淋浴底座和门/围栏。(请将厕所水槽柜提交到米兰和橱柜类别中。)
  • Millwork & Cabinetry- 所有内置厨房和浴室设置,包括梳妆柜,库克岛橱柜和药房/镜面橱柜。此类别还包括整个厨房家具系统。
  • Plumbing & Drainage- 与管道有关的所有产品,包括管道,阀门,泵,与游泳池和喷泉相关的产品,与污水,水收集,排水和储存系统相关的产品,以及灰水循环系统。


  • 合同照明– Commercial interior and exterior lighting that enhances the architectural experience, functionality and comfort. These can include recessed lighting, linear and other types of suspension luminaires, troffers, LED or OLED panels, cove and plaster-in lighting, tracks, cans/cylinders, sconces and other wall fixtures, step lights, path and street lamps, landscape spots, in-ground lights and utility such as motion-activated parking structure lights. Lamping is also acceptable in this category.
  • 住宅照明– Decorative luminaires of any scale, from distinctive wall sconces and table lamps to chandeliers and pendant clusters. The diffusers, shades, housing or composition of these lights should be design objects that add to the built project.


  • 门和门硬件- 入口和出口的开口,包括所有款式和门硬件的门,包括闩锁,手柄,锁,铰链和枢轴。
  • 阳光控制- 所有阴影系统和产品,包括用于调节阳光和太阳能热量的被动和主动系统。外部和室内装饰品符合条件,包括固定和可调节的百叶窗,翅片,长方形宝石,百叶窗和檐篷。
  • Windows和Skylights.- 开口,包括窗户,屋顶窗口/舱口和天窗(固定和可操作);窗口和天窗硬件包括闩锁,手柄,锁,曲柄,铰链和枢轴。此类别也接受窗户覆盖和着色硬件;但是,请将窗帘纺织品提交到织物和纺织类别中。


  • Outdoor Products & Materials– All products designed for outdoor environments, including both functional and decorative elements. Products can feature in courtyards, rooftop gardens, public and private parks and other outdoor public spaces, and include planters, lighting, fountains, bins, signage, and paints.